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Bahhari History over the Years…

Founded by Christian Sola in 2010 Bahhari has become one of the most relevant Arts & Entertainment Organizations in Orlando  Florida.  Bahhari (The Name) means “Point of Distinction”.  The Mission of Bahhari is to UNITE all forms of Dance Arts & to use its resources to Help the community of Central Florida.  Over the Years Bahhari has provided Bahhari Nights – a Monthly Dance Social, The Unity Of Dance Festival – the BIGGEST Latin Dance Festival in Orlando & Helped the community by Feeding the Homeless, Raising Money for people in need and much more. 

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Bahhari Over The Years!

Uniting Great People

Throughout our Dance Classes, Events, & Community Activities we have Helped Unite AWESOME people in Central Florida and abroad!

Great Memories

Over the years we have done Flashmobs, Fed the Homeless, Taught Thousands of Clients, all which created GREAT MEMORIES

Great Events

Bahhari Nights every Month bringing Hundreds of Dancers together.  The Unity Of Dance Festival with over 1,000 attendees are just some of our events over the years

Fulfilled Dreams

We have helped 100’s that wanted to do more than just Social Dance and Perform on Stage.  Nothing more beautiful than seeing someone accomplish their Dreams

Our Teachers

Best Yoga Teachers are Here for You
Christian Sola
Christian Sola
Alejandra Fontao
Alejandra Fontao
Andrea Bermudez
Andrea Bermudez
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