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M-F 1pm - 10pm, Weekends 1pm - 10pm

Private Lessons 1on1

Private Lessons are the FASTEST way to learn how to Dance.  Each class is done in private with our instructors and tailored 100% to YOU.  Each Private Lesson is equivalent to 3-4 Group Lessons and sometimes more than that.  

Private Lessons can be purchased individually or in Packages to Save Money and will be schedule based on the Customers and our instructors availability.  

Single Private Lesson $75

Individual Lessons are $75 per hour plus Floor Fee.  This option is recommended for individuals that want to simply take 1 Lesson every so often to enhance their Group Lessons.  

4 Private Lesson Package $260 (SAVE $40)

4 Lesson Package:  This is our most common Package for Private Lessons as it establishes commitment and yet provides flexibility of only committing to 4 Lessons.  Each Lesson will be progressive and we will determine the best path to take with each customer. 

Large Packages & Special Services

Other Large Packages are offered and will SAVE you money accordingly.  Packages of 6 or 8+ are some of the options we have.  

Bahhari also offers Specific Services for different occasions such as Weddings, Corporate Events, Sweet 16’s etc.  Contact Us for more details.

NOTE:  If you have a specific request please Contact Us.  Just because is not listed doesn’t mean we don’t do it 🙂 


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Christian Sola
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